About ULIS

The University of Languages and International Studies (ULIS) is a prestigious research university in languages, linguistics, international studies and related social sciences and humanities. Our mission is to contribute to the national development through the pursuit of excellence in education, research, and the provision of quality services relevant to social demands. We particularly value creativity, dynamics, honesty, responsibility, and capability to work and gain success in a multicultural and competitive globalizing world.

Message from the President of ULIS

During a 60 year history of development, the University of Languages and International Studies – Vietnam National University, Hanoi (ULIS – VNU) has become a famous center for research and training on languages, international studies and other related majors. ULIS has contributed to the country’s development by training high-quality human resources, conducting research and providing international standard products and services, with an emphasis on the active learning, creativity, honesty, and sense of responsibility, as well as the ability to live and work in a competitive, multi-cultural environment.

A whole beautiful world inside ULIS

The students of the University of Languages and International Studies-Vietnam National University, Hanoi (ULIS – VNU) have always been very proud to be attending one of the most beautiful, spacious, modern, and poetic universities in the capital city. Built in 1955 and influenced by French architecture and through restorations to meet the modern educational requirements, ULIS has been a place keeping memories of generations of students and teachers.

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