International Business

The program is designed in compliance with the standards of prestigious American, Canadian universities and can be transferrable to the training programs of other universities such as the University of the West of England (UK), Keuka College (USA), Thompson Rivers University (Canada). The program aims at producing bachelors of International Business with high professional qualifications, good command of English to satisfactorily meet the requirements of domestic and international labor markets. It also equips students with skills in finding, analyzing, and solving problems in the field of international business. ...

Accounting, Analyzing and Auditing

This program is designed in compliance with European education standards with reference to training programs of some universities in Russia, UK and Malaysia. Besides theories on accounting, financial analysis and auditing, students also have the opportunity to practice accounting software widely used in Vietnam and other countries. Until now, more than 300 graduates currently work for many Vietnamese and foreign accounting and auditing firms such as Big 4, Standard Chartered Bank, and Motorola Company.

Management Information Systems

The program is designed in compliance with Bachelor of Business Information System program of East London University (UK), and coordinating with universities such as East London University, Lunghwa University of Science and Technology in provision of lecturers, teaching and studying methodology, studying resources and materials for subjects in general courses and subjects on finance, marketing, business information system as well.


Starting its recruitment and training implementation in 2010, this Joint training program in cooperation with Keuka College, USA aims at providing students with essential knowledge and managerial skills in today’s global business environment. Upon finishing the program, students will be able to work in the positions of officers, experts in management, business, production operation management, marketing, human resources management ...

Vietnam National University, Hanoi - International School

Vietnam National University, Hanoi - International School (VNU - IS) was established in 2002. In the beginning, VNU-IS provided only one bachelor program conducted in Russian. Now, VNU-IS has developed tremendously and successfully implemented bachelor and master programs in several foreign languages. VNU-IS' missions are to provide bachelor and master programs entirely in foreign languages in accordance with international standards, and to help provide professional human resources and high quality scientific and technological products, for the purpose of the development of Vietnam. VNU-IS has been delivering highly-qualified programs attributing to its prestige and position in society.

Accounting - Honours

Starting its recruitment and training implementation in 2004, this official training program has been accredited by relevant authorities in their home countries and recognized by the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) as well....

Master of Business Administration

The program equips students with advanced knowledge and skills in management and leadership, critical thinking and presentation. The program also consolidates their abilities in analyzing and understanding the factors, changes and new trends in the business environment. With up-to-date curricula of economics, management, accounting and finance, the course can help learners make the right business decisions. Upon finishing this program, graduates will be able to assume important and challenging positions in private and public enterprises, financial organizations and banks ...

Admission Requirements

Master of Finance, Banking, Insurance - South East Asia

This program will help students firmly grasp economic and financial mechanisms, and have a broad view of the market as well as an in-depth understanding of variables and factors that can improve the organization’s economic efficiency. More importantly, the program provides students with up-to-date knowledge of finance and financial analyzing tools, revenue evaluating techniques, derivative markets, legal environments so that they can develop their abilities of decision-making, strategic planning for investment, strategic management of financial risk.

Executive Master of Business Administration

The program equips students with advanced knowledge of strategic management, knowledge management and organizational innovation, as well as the necessary skills in human resource management and project management. The program also provides students with financial management and marketing management skills to develop and renovate enterprises.

Master of Marketing Studies and Actions

The program equips students with knowledge and skills in business, markets and marketing. In addition, it teaches students to use successful methods of collecting data, and qualitative and quantitative analysis on marketing information. Moreover, the program also provides students with in-depth knowledge in terms of research quality evaluation of projects and application of achieved knowledge in making marketing decisions.

Master of Science in Information Management

The program equips students with knowledge and skills in information management, knowledge management, and strategic management, thus enabling them to effectively apply advanced information and communication technology to gather and process data, and to practice electronic commercial and business strategies. The program also provides students with skills in project management and invention, innovation management and promotion.

Informatics and Computer Engineering

The program is designed to provide students with knowlege and practices in electrical engineering, electronics, communications, software design, hardware design, and hardware-software integration. After graduation, they can work in a variety of computer-related fields, from the design of single computer systems, personal computers and mainframes, to micro design of integrated circuits, programming of embedded systems, integration of computer systems in a variety of electrical and electronic applications. The graduates will have mastered techniques and practical knowledge necessary to complete complicated tasks in the areas of computer technologies.

Outstanding new student to attend VNU-IS in 2018/2019

A fabulous new-entry among the IS-ers for the new academic year! During the Open day of VNU-IS, Le Tuyet Quynh Anh has been awarded a full scholarship from International School for her remarkable merits and performances.