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Legal Training

Annually, VNU-LS enrolls approximately 1,000 students, including 600 undergraduates, 360 master students and 25 PhD candidates.

By 2016, VNU-LS has about 12,100 alumni, including 10,000 LLB, 2,000 LLM and 100 PhD. 

VNU-LS offers accredited academic programs for undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral degrees. The School is prominent in the development and publication of textbooks and reference books in different law subjects. Our law programs aim to provide students not only profound understandings on legal theories and knowledge, but also professional legal skills for their future career after graduation.


  • Law
  • Law (Honors)
  • Business Law


  • Theory and History of State and Law
  • Constitutional and Administrative Law
  • Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure
  • Civil Law
  • Economic Law
  • International Law
  • Maritime Law and Marine Management
  • Human Rights Law
  • International Economic Cooperation and Business Law (taught in French)


  • Theory and History of State and Law
  • Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure
  • Economic Law
  • Civil Law and Civil Procedure
  • International Law


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