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Legal Research

VNU-LS positions itself as a strong center of outstanding legal research in Vietnam. The number of law research projects, law review articles and reference books published by the School and its school reaches hundreds of publications a year.

The School annually conducts various research projects and regularly organizes or co-organizes workshops, seminars, and conferences on emerging legal issues at international, regional, and national levels. VNU-LS is the pioneer in Vietnam in terms of research projects on emerging legal issues such as the rule of law, constitutional amendment, intellectual property, maritime and shipping law, human rights law, enterprise law and international and regional economic integration, decentralization, administration reform, child labor, migrant workers, information access, the rights to access to justice, capital punishment, good governance, anti-corruption, and other related subjects.

VNU-LS’s legal research aims to enhance the quality of legal education of the School, contribute to the legal reform, law development, enforcement, and policy-making in Vietnam.


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