» Dean's Welcome Message

Dean's Welcome Message

If you are a prospective law student, you have come to the right place, because a degree in law here is an excellent choice!

Opportunities for law students are all around us. We are proud that most leading legal experts have been trained at our school. Any organization in public or private sectors would benefit from having a law graduate with the knowledge, skills and experience we provide.

Our school, staff, students, alumni, law partners, and our opportunities set us apart:

Outstanding law school. Our school is known as an institution with 40 years of the top legal research and education in Vietnam.  A great number of Vietnamese legal experts and lawyers trained by VNU-LS have worked for the National Assembly, government agencies, courts and procuracies, famous domestic and international law firms and business organizations. 

Close connections to regional and international legal community. VNU-LS is a member of the International Association of Law Schools (IALS). Our academic staff and law students regularly interact with foreign legal scholars and experts from the UK, the U.S., other European countries, Japan, Korea, China, Thailand, etc. through their lectures and presentations in different areas of law. We also have academic exchange programs with many law schools from Korea, Japan, and Thailand, which helps our students obtain meaningful experience and expand their theoretical and practical knowledge.

Strong internship programs. Every year, we send the senior law students to do internships in courts, procuracies, government agencies, Vietnamese and international law firms, and big corporations in Hanoi and neighboring provinces. These internships strengthen their professional knowledge and skills to prepare them for their potential career.

Active student organizations and clubs. We encourage students to join various student organizations such as the Youth Union, the Young Lawyers Club and the English for Law Club as well as to participate in the Spirit of Law Contest, Eloquent Contest and other dynamic activities so that they could discover their leadership skills, learn more about law disciplines, and build personal networks.

Start a journey to your successful law career right away at the VNU-LS - the most liberal, innovative and groundbreaking law school in Vietnam!


A.Prof. NGUYEN Thi Que Anh

Vice-Dean in charge of VNU-School of  Law


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