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International Cooperation



VNU-LS has established and developed partnerships with prestigious educational and research institutions in many countries and regions, including France, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, the U.S., the UK, Australia, Japan, South Korea, China, Russia, and other esteemed  legal institutes in the world.

In addition, VNU-LS has developed cooperation with numerous international governmental and non-governmental organizations,  including UNDP, UNICEF, UNESCO, ILO, WB, ADB, AUF,  ABA, CIDA, EQUITAS, SIDA, RWI, RLS, etc.

VNU-LS has been a member of the International Association of Law Schools (IALS) since 2012.


International cooperation has resulted in the following projects and activities:

- Joint research projects, joint training courses and joint educational programs at all levels, which add value to the academic activities of partner institutions as below:

+ The Master program: “Law on International Economic Cooperation and Law” (since 2001) in cooperation with the Association of Universities of Francophone countries (AUF), including Toulouse University, Lyon III University, Bordeaux IV University;

+ The Master Program on Human Rights Laws (since 2012) in cooperation with the Norwegian Centre for Human Rights,  Law School of University of Oslo, Denmark;

+ The undergraduate program “Vietnamese-Japanese Laws” in cooperation with Japanese Universities;

+ The project on Part III of Public Administration Reform sponsored by the Denmark Government;

+ The project on comparing and learning the experience of de-centralization of state management in international practice, specifically in Germany and in Vietnam, sponsored by RLS.

- Exchanging legal scholars, law lecturers and students;

- Exchanging publications, data and research materials in areas of mutual interest;

- Co-organizing international conferences, workshops or seminars for the purpose of academic exchanges and discussions.


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