» Nanotech seminar: "Computational Biology for Bioinformatics and Medical Innovations"

Nanotech seminar: "Computational Biology for Bioinformatics and Medical Innovations"

On March 3rd, 2018, The Master’s Program in Nanotechnology (MNT) at Vietnam Japan University, VNUHN will organize seminar with topic "Computational Biology for Bioinformatics and Medical Innovations”, which are delivered by Prof. Kei Yura and Assoc. Prof. Nguyen The Toan.

Time: 14:00- 17:00, Saturday, March 03rd 2018

Venue: Room 415, 4th floor, VJU My Dinh Campus

The objective of this seminar is to promote the computational biology field which is one of the research targets of Master’s Program in Nanotechnology (MNT). This seminar is one course of MNT program called "Nanotech Seminar". The students who register this course take part in the class and can learn the cutting-edge knowledge and technology of that field. Since the seminar is open, any persons who are interested in the computational biology field are also welcomed to join this seminar.

About the Speakers:

Prof. Kei Yura, a professor of Ochanomizu University, the top national women university in Japan, is the key person who leads the Gene Informatics in Japan and is also one of the top researchers of computational bioinformatics. He is the Director of the Abolition Organization Center for Informational Biology of Ochanomizu University and also a professor of Waseda University.

His presentation is concerned to estimation of phenotypic effects of variations in genes through protein structures.

The second speaker, Assoc. Prof. Nguyen The Toan is one of the leading researchers of VNU Key Laboratory. His research is concerning to the multiscale simulations of complex biology system, and especially the large-scaled molecular dynamics simulations of DNA done by his research group are highly appreciated.

His presentation is concerned to introduction of his Key Laboratory and multiscale simulations of biological complex systems.


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