» Special Lecture series: Legal issues in Vietnam

Special Lecture series: Legal issues in Vietnam

On March 5th and 6th, 2018, Vietnam Japan University (VJU), VNU will organize a series of Open lectures on legal issues in Vietnam, which are delivered by 4 eminent lecturers and experts from Japan.

Time: 9:00 – 12:00, March 5th, 2018 and 9:00 – 12:00, March 6th, 2018

Venue: Room 415, 4th Floor, My Dinh Campus, Vietnam Japan University

With the aim of exploring and discussion fundamental legal understanding, knowledge and skill for Vietnamese and Japanese companies and organizations operating in Vietnam, the series of lectures will be centered around four main themes: 1) Human and legal security; 2) Agreement preparation and negotiation; 3) Characteristics of a Limited Liability Company; 4) Corporate Governance and Information Management.

The lectures are open to all VJU students and any interested parties in issues related to law, business administration and public policies in Vietnam.

Lecture 1: Human Security and Rule of Law "and" International Arbitration as Business Management and Public Policy 9:00~10:30(including Q&A)

   (i) Globalization driven by market economy requires glocal (global and local) governance consisting of idea of human security and principle of rule of law. Japan is promoting these for the paradigm of soft law, such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the UN Guiding Principles on Business. We will review the basic theory and practice from Japan and the world in the first topic.

 (ii) For the second topic, reviewing the development of international commercial arbitration in Vietnam and analyzing its practice and issues, we examine possible development of investment dispute as conjunction of business management and public policy. Japan and the world development will be briefly reviewed for possible development in cooperation in dispute processing between Vietnam and Japan. 

About Speaker: Prof. Yasunobu Sato is serving as a Professor at the Graduate Program of Human Security (HSP), the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, University of Tokyo. Yasunobu earned his Ph.D. in Law from the University of London in 2000, LLM (Master of Laws) from Harvard in 1989, and Bachelor of Political Science from Waseda University in 1982. He is a licensed legal practitioner in Japan, the United States and Europe and is currently serving as the advisor to Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu Law Firm.

Lecture 2: Agreement preparation and negotiation 10:40~12:00(including Q&A)

For the theme “Agreement preparation and negotiation”, particularly joint venture agreement, participants will learn about strategies that businesses use to protect themselves in the process of drafting and negotiating agreements via a sample case of joint venture agreement.

About Speaker: The speaker on this topic is Ms. Kayoko Naito. She graduated from Graduate School of Law, Kyoto University and Columbia Law School, Columbia University (LL.M Program). Kayoko Naito is the attorney of Ohebashi Law Firm (Tokyo Office) and a member of the Second Tokyo Bar Association and New York Bar Association. Her major areas of expertise include business, banking, and securities trading, financial transactions including funds, M & A and other corporate legal issues.

Lecture 3: Characteristics of a Limited Liability Company - as a start for your business 9:00~10:30(including Q&A)

When you start a business, why do so many people favor Limited Liability Company over a privately-owned company?

This is because a limited liability company model offers many advantages in business. What are they? This is a topic that will be discussed in the third lecture on March 6th with speaker Nagaaki Tsukahara.

About Speaker: Nagaaki Tsukahara is a lawyer at AI Partners’ law firm. In his role as a JICA expert from 2001 to 2003, Nagaaki has advised Vietnam in the national legal reform (mainly civil law reform) and lived in Hanoi for many years after returning from home to join in the development of the Civil procedure law and judge-made law in Vietnam.

Lecture 4: Corporate Governance and Information Management 10:40~12:00(including Q&A)

Corporate governance is the key to the success of a company and the economy as a whole. Recent corporate law reforms in the world are also primarily aimed at promoting corporate governance. Companies’ legal scandals, on the one hand, have contributed to this trend and revealed their shortcomings, on the other.

For the theme “Corporate Governance and Information Management”, the fourth and final lecture of the series, delivered by speaker Yusuke Tamaru, will discuss and analyze corporate governance mechanisms in Vietnam and Japan.

About Speaker: Yusuke Tamaru is a Ph.D. candidate at Hitotsubashi University. in Law from the Graduate School of Law; he holds a Bachelor of Laws from Waseda Law School, Waseda University and is worked for Nagoya University at Research and Education Center for Japanese Law in Hanoi., focusing on corporate laws.



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