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New Model University in Vietnam and Japan


          ● Providing human resources and scientific & technological products of high quality;

          ● Receiving transfers of knowledge from Japan;

          ● Promoting cooperative relations between Vietnam and Japan;

          ● Making positive impacts on the higher education system of VNU in particular and Vietnam in general.

Model University

VJU is a new model university , with Japanese qualities that have been adjusted to the needs of Vietnam. The university upholds the principle of sustainable development, based on financial autonomy and resource socialization.

The difference with VJU lies in its connections with VNU member universities and its international nature, with intensive participation from Japanese partners. The university is given a high autonomy in accordance with organisational and operational regulations issued by the Prime Minister of Vietnam. VJU’s council plays an important role in orienting the development, mobilizing resources and deciding crucial affairs of the university.

Faculties and institutes under VJU will be established and operated by VJU and its Japanese partners. Each VJU faculty and institute will follow a high-quality model based on the exploitation of available strengths of VNU and its Japanese partners. Accordingly, faculties and institutes can soon progress towards autonomy and be capable of cooperating with enterprises, especially Japanese ones.


New training products of international quality: Major and specialized major will be designed according to Japan’s competitive strengths and Vietnam's needs such as advanced science and technology, and governance; the interdisciplinary training process closely linked with Japanese partners; training is based on scientific research and human resource demands.

New interdisciplinary scientific products and technologies: VJU will focus on developing interdisciplinary integrated science and technology majors, associated with current development trends and businessrequirements. The development of these products is based on the research with Japanese universities and enterprises. Thus, VJU can become a hub in attracting Japanese companies who wish to deploy or outsource R&D activities in Vietnam.

International academic environment: VJU has standardized academic environment inherited from Japanese style. This is where Vietnamese, Japanese and international scientists work and innovate. Professors of diverse cultures will create a multicultural environment for academic activities in the era of integration. Students will study in foreign languages and work directly with the prestigious professors from Vietnam and Japan.

Cross-cultural governing and supporting teams: In a changing world, to provide excellent services to our lecturers, students, customers and partners, VJU aims to build high-performing and cross-cultural governing and supporting teams. In VJU, we always try to create an environment where initiative is encouraged and differences are respected.

Liberal education philosophy: At VJU, students are equipped with extensive knowledge foundation; encouraged to self-study and be creative thereby forming an open-minded and interdisciplinary thinking; trained with soft skills and ability to adapt to the environment; nurtured with moral and cultural values, thereby form the new generation of students with knowledge, thinking and especially with vision.


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