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Voice of VJU people

Students’ voices

Mr. Nguyen Anh Hao

Master’s Program in Business Administration

"I always seek a professional and dynamic environment for studying and researching to promote my ability regarding comprehension and critical thinking. In order to prepare well for studying at the Vietnam Japan University, it is important for a student to have skills to learn and quickly adapt to new environments.”

Mr. Trinh Duc Truong

Master’s Program in Infrastructure Engineering

"Students of the Master’s Program in Infrastructure Engineering at Vietnam Japan University are educated with cooperation with the University of Tokyo, one of the top engineering universities in the world. Moreover, I believe this is an ideal academic environment for anyone who has a desire to research and develop as a result of guidance from many outstanding Vietnamese and Japanese professors. Japan is a very special country for me, so I always hope to have the opportunity to learn and explore Japanese ways of thinking as well as develop an effective working style. I believe this university is the start of that dream!”

Mr. Tran Ngoc Lan

Master’s Program in Nanotechnology

"Personally, I want to do deeper research in Nanotechnology and later I want to continue intensively studying in a foreign country, especially Japan. So, I hope to study well at Vietnam Japan University to be proud and happy that I have been studying and researching in this university after graduation.”

Mr. Nguyen Trong Tung

Master’s Program in Business Administration

"Currently, journalism is taking drastic changes to better meet the requirements and tastes of readers. Thus, I want to learn more knowledge of governance knowledge at VJU to develop the project "Modern newsroom governance" - which aims to transform traditional editorial office of print publications into editorial office of multimedia publications for young people in Vietnam and internationally.”

Ms. Pham Cam Van

Master’s Program in Environmental Engineering

"During my time at the university, I had the opportunity to study in many international programs. They provided me with a wider vision about the world. I have discovered my passion for teaching. Therefore, I understand I should enhance my professional knowledge to nurture my dream. To achieve this, I must define a proper orientation, concentrate my studies in a modern and professional environment as well as have enthusiastic guidance from domestic and foreign professors. I believe that Vietnam Japan University can help me achieve my dream in my homeland.”

Ms. Nguyen Quynh Nga

Master's Program in Public Policy

Japan is a country widely known for their sustainable development policies and the virtues of Japanese people are admired over the world. The cooperation between the Governments of Japan and Vietnam has created a wonderful international environment for young people from Vietnam and other countries to learn and experience. In my two years here, I expect to have a chance to immerse myself in the Japanese way of education, to learn from the Japanese experience’s in development, to understand how the Japanese education system helps to build the respectable Japanese citizens, and what Vietnam can do to achieve sustainable development.

Lecturers’ voices

Dr. Phan Le Binh

Lecturer of Master’s Program in Infrastructure Engineering

"The biggest advantage a VJU student can enjoy is the international environment with respect to lecturers, facilities and friends. In other words, students can "study abroad” while living in Vietnam. In this international environment, students will not only dramatically enhance their English capability, but also have the chance to understand different cultures, which will lead to a diversity of ideas. 

Another strong point is to be educated to find the ultimate root of issues and try to understand mechanisms of such issues logically. This logical thinking will guide students when they encounter challenging work tasks after graduation.

At VJU, students will also have the chance to be trained by Japanese lecturers to gain a solid work manner and ethic. This is a very strong advantage when students want to work at a Japanese enterprise or organisation.”

Dr. Kato Atsufumi

Lecturer of Master’s Program in Area Studies

"Japanese people are famous for their preciseness, punctuality, and polite manner, manifested in many aspects such as "made-in-Japan” high-tech machines, punctual train diagrams, and settled behavior of people facing natural disasters. On the other hand, Japanese people have surprised the world with their eccentric culture such as Yellow Magic Orchestra’s techno music, Haruki Murakami’s fantasies, Takeshi Kitano’s films and Baby Metal, a girl idol/metal unit most recently. At VJU, you can explore the secret of this bipolar extremeness between reliability and unexpectedness of Japanese culture, which is a key to understand Japanese people and their achievements and failures in modern history and, more importantly, there is a hint to innovate our world in the unforeseeable future. 

Innovations often come from frontiers. Located in Hanoi, a city of great potential and latitude in Asia, VJU can become a new frontier of academic freedom. At this university, what feels interesting should be investigated. Don’t believe "in” teachers. Think! And grab the truth with your own hands.

At VJU you will see more than Japan. 

Join us on this exciting journey!”

Ms. Shinobu Aibara

Japanese Lecture

Many students have told me their biggest challenge in studying Japanese is to have to memorize too many characters. The Vietnamese language uses only the Latin alphabet system while Japanese has three different writing systems - the Hiragana, the Katakana and the Kanji. However, Japanese and Vietnamese also share significant commonalities. As both systems are influenced by the Chinese language, many Japanese and Vietnamese words are comparable in meaning and pronunciation. When aware of such relation, students will find it much easier to learn Japanese.

The Japanese Program at VJU not only equips students with the ability to communicate, which is essential for their internship in Japan, but also provides them with an understanding of the Japanese culture through language. During their internship in Japan, Vietnamese students represent not only themselves but their country’s image as well. Therefore, a good command of Japanese would be a great help for them to blend in better and contribute to a more profound friendship and understanding between our two countries Vietnam and Japan.



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