» Japanese Management in Asia: Cross the Cultural Border

Japanese Management in Asia: Cross the Cultural Border

Since the 1990s, Japan has already set up and expanded their business in Vietnam and also become one of the leading FDI investors in Vietnam. Along with Japanese products, Japanese business philosophy and techniques have been spread out over Vietnam. This event is held to help the Vietnamese students to understand the characteristics of Japanese business so that they can prepare for their career in the future. For academicians, it is interesting to study how Japanese business methods should be adapted to the local culture successfully in the Asian and Vietnamese market. 
Objectives of the Symposium

- To present the results of empirical studies on business management in Japanese companies in Japan, Vietnam, and Asia
- To share the experiences of doing business, the opportunities and challenges in expanding the Japanese business in manufacturing and service areas in Vietnam

As limited seats, please register before 12:00 p.m on 26/09/2017 by fulfilling the form https://goo.gl/forms/ g43eCvA6cf8UCAEL2



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