VNU - School of Interdisciplinary Studies (VNU-SIS) was established in 2002 under the name of School of Graduate Studies (SGS). In the beginning, VNU-SGS was in charge of managing the graduate programs in VNU and organising the teaching of general subjects such as Philosophy and English for graduate students in VNU.

Then, in 2017, VNU SGS was renamed to School of Interdisciplinary Studies (SIS)  according to Decision No 248/QĐ-ĐHQGHN, dated January 20th 2017, by the president of Vietnam National University, Hanoi.

VNU-SIS missions are to do research on interdisciplinary fields; to provide new and interdisciplinary undergraduate and graduate programs on the basis of making good use of the multi-disciplinary resources from VNU’s members; and to cooperate with the institutions inside and outside VNU in order to design and implement the new, interdisciplinary programs.   

The programs of VNU-SIS are full-time and intensive. VNU degree programs are designed according to the standards of prestigious foreign universities, and are officially accredited and approved by VNU. 

As for master programs with VNU degrees, VNU-SIS has been successfully delivering the Master Program in Climate Change (2011) and Master Program in Sustainability Science (2014). This year (2018), VNU – SIS will deliver the Master Program in Urban Development Management. In addition, VNU – SIS has been building up the Master program in Heritage Science. In the next few years, VNU – SIS will continue with the Master Program in Logistics Science.

Regarding the short- course programs, VNU-SIS will deliver the English courses for Logistics; the courses for FIATA Higher Diplomas in Global Supply chains, Supply Chain Management and International Freight Management in cooperation with Vietnam Logistics Institute (VLI) as well as the courses in teaching skills and methods for those who hold the FIATA Higher Diplomas in Global Supply chains, Supply Chain Management and International Freight Management in order to build up the potential lecturers .

For more than 15 years of growth and development, VNU-SIS has built up an energetic group of staff and scientists, which have completed all the tasks assigned by VNU.

Since its foundation, VNU-SIS leadership has always emphasized the importance of staff development and scientist attractions so that everyone can use at least one foreign language, improve soft skills and improve critical thinking ability in order to meet the requirements of the employers. Graduates from VNU-SIS have achieved certain success in various fields of work, on various job positions such as the Ministry of Planning and Investment, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, the Vietnam State Treasury, Vietnam Airlines, banks, universities, colleges, and foreign firms. These achievements have confirmed the correct development direction of VNU-SIS, which is consistent with the development plan of VNU, and with the social demand for human resources in the era of international integration.

In the near future, VNU - School of Interdisciplinary Studies will continue to demonstrate its prestige and position by improving the quality of research and education. Because of this, there will be more and more highly-qualified citizens and human resources graduated from VNU-SIS, contributing to the socio-economic development of Vietnam.  

Address:     G7 Building, 144 Xuan Thuy St., Cau Giay Dist., Ha Noi

Website:      www.sis.vnu.edu.vn 

Email:         sis@vnu.edu.vn

Phone:        +84.243. 754 7619  or +84.243. 754 7615

Hotline:       + 84. 918.1290.448



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