ABOUT THE INSTITUTE                                                      


The Information Technology Institute (ITI-VNU) is the key member of Vietnam National University, Hanoi.  Its location within blocks of E3 building of VNU campus facilitates advancement of research and teaching, and presents unique opportunities for internships, partnerships, community engagement, and more.


ITI-VNU is now a leading research institute renowned for its teaching and research achievements, and its social, economic and cultural contributions. Research and Development is central to the mission of the ITI-VNU, making a bridge between academic and industry, linking us with the great centers of research and enterprises. Years of unremitting efforts made by generations of scientists and engineers of ITI-VNU has turned the ITI-VNU into one of the key scientific research and technology in the field of IT in Vietnam. The Institute has made a great contribution of development of the science and technology in Vietnam, playing a leading role in the following major research areas:

  • Big Data and Cloud Computing
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Mathematical basis of IT
  • Computer science
  • Bio-Informatics
  • Databases and knowledge
  • Expert System
  • High Performance Computing
  • The Management Information System
  • Software Engineering
  • Multimedia Systems
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computer and Telecommunication Networks.





Founded in 1997 as the Vietnam Information Technology and Training Institute (VITTI) by decision of the Director of VNU 262/TCCB, the Institute was restructured to Information Technology Institute, Vietnam National University, Hanoi (ITI-VNU) by the Prime Minister decision No. 14/2001/QĐ-TTg on 12th February 2001, reflecting its evolution as part of Restructure Vietnam National University Strategy. In the 17 years since its inception, ITI-VNU has grown dramatically and expanded its regional reach, establishing Netpro-ITI training center and Center of consulting and information technology transfer in 2004, an ITPlus Academy professional training center in 2010, and Center for applied Information Technology in 2010.


ORGANIZATION CHART                                                   


ITI-VNU has 55 employees, 20 associates, including 2 Professor, 1 associate Professor, 12 Doctor, 10 Master of ICT. The Institute has 5 scientific laboratories and teams, 2 training centers, Center of consulting and information technology transfer, Center for applied Information Technology and 2 functional departments.


FUNCTIONS AND TASKS                                                   


In the strengths strategy of VNU, the ITI-VNU has responsibility for

  • Scientific research and technology in the field of IT
  • Technology and application development
  • Experimental production;
  • Consult scientific and technological services
  • Ensure technical infrastructure, network management and administration of VNU;
  • Postgraduate training doctoral and masters;
  • Short-term training and knowledge of modern IT skills;
  • Other duties on IT and related fields assigned by the Director of VNU.


STRATEGY AND FUTURE PLAN                                      




ITI-VNU shall become the leading institute for IT scientific research and technology in the region.




ITI-VNU creates a bridge between academic and industry.


MAJOR ACTIVITY AREAS                                                                       


  1. Fundamental Research

Research is our critical mission. Strengthening research capacity is a vital part of our actives.  Fundamental Research is one of major pillar to the ITI-VNU’s Strategic Plan 20102020; it indicates our commitment to innovation and is essential in our approach to supporting and engaging with the economic, social and cultural environment at all level, whether that is locally, regionally, nationally or internationally. We are proud of our research portfolio and we are committed to conduct excellence academic researches. We will improve the quality, volume and impact of our research, across our disciplines, and in key cross-disciplinary thematic areas. We will play a lead role in defining and shaping the research agenda nationally. Currently, we are focusing on following research areas:

  • Mathematical basis of IT: discrete structures, algorithm theory and algorithmic complexity in IT applications such as e-commerce, cryptography ...
  • Computer science: Wavelet theory curve and application, the approximation method and nonlinear restoring, parallel method for differential equations ...
  • Artificial intelligence: expert system, decision support systems, the methods arguments, identification, automatic translation,  expert system based on approximate reasoning methods, and applications in healthcare management ...
  • Multimedia technology: audio and image processing, virtual reality, speech recognition, machine translation, hiding data in the image.
  • Computer and telecommunications networks: local networks, wide area, the Internet services such as electronic commerce (e-commerce), electronic government (e-government), electronic library (e-lib), security and network security.
  1. Develop core technologies

The Core Research and Development (Core R&D) focuses on developing Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Safe Remote Access, and Speed Recognition ... technologies to a pre-commercial demonstration level. The Core R&D Element includes major technical focus areas:

  • Digital Signal Processing Engine
  • Image Processing Engine
  • Speech Processing Engine
  • Network Engine
  1. Develop products

The ITI-VNU has been developing and providing to the market a chain of innovative products such as ITI-Scanner, V-AZUR Solution for safely remote access, CCV, Red-Pen ...

  1.  Consult and Transfer Information Technology

Developed from proof-of-concept testing in our laboratories and our partners such as Microsoft Project Training Academy, Cisco Academy,   Viegrid...  the ITI-VNU provides consulting and transferring IT services to  wide range of customer from personal, enterprise to public sector. Our solutions help them to understand the implications of new technologies, assess their infrastructure to find out development opportunities, create a plan to address their organization’s specific needs, maximize the value of IT investments and shape an efficient, effective and scalable infrastructure.


FUTURE PLAN                                                                                            


In the next few years, our strategic development plan emphasizes on four main areas:

  1. Information Systems

We focus on research and development solutions big data application:

  • Databases and knowledge: parallel and distributed database, database integration, object-oriented, database, deductive databases.
  • Search engines for big data application: Search engine, optimize search engine, real time search engine ...
  • Recommendation systems: Data and Models, Ranking Model, Machine Learning algorithm such as Collaborative filtering, Clustering, Categorization ...
  • Analytics solutions
  • Artificial intelligence: expert system, decision support systems, the methods arguments, identification, automatic translation,  expert system based on approximate reasoning methods, and applications in healthcare management ...
  • Software Engineering: Computer-aided software engineering, principles, methodologies, tools for developing, evaluating, validating software and project management, developing prototype software and market potential software.
  •  Information systems integration: Propose solution for integrating systems, especially in big data and cloud eco-system.
  • Enterprise architecture: TOGAF, FEAF, ITI-GAF, e-government, e-parliament, asset models ...


  1. Technical handling digital signal content
  • Multimedia technology: audio and image processing, virtual reality, speech recognition, machine translation, hiding data in the image, Fractal image compression algorithm.
  1. Network Security

Pursues theoretical and practical research focusing on network security.

  • Cyber-security technology: Cyber attack monitoring, tracking, analysis, self detection, self protection, response, and prevention.
  • Security architecture: policy, standardization, privacy, optimized configuration, design, and evaluation of secure networks for mobile, cloud, and new-generation networks.
  • Security fundamentals: cryptographic technologies, open source security , wireless security
  1. IT Applying for enterprise, health care, education and culture

Pursues theoretical and practical research focusing on applied IT .

  • Enterprise architecture: Researching, consulting and building enterprise architecture for organizations using frameworks such as ITI-GAF, TOGAF, FEAF ...
  • Health care, education and culture: Research and development technologies to provide better living, learning environment such  as using virtual reality technologies for modeling human body, modeling historical place, modeling museum and exhibits..., enabled – technologies for  e-learning ...




Outstanding academics and technologies transfer are the heart of the ITI-VNU’s teaching, researching and development endeavors. The Institute is proud of its many research results and products that have been recognized through prestigious local, regional, national and international awards.




In the past 05 years, ITI-VNU has carried out many scientific research topics and projects from state-level research to the grassroots level. We have made collaborations with strong partners in Vietnam and global. The Institutes plays a role as presiding over the state-level research topics KC-01-14 "Applications for research and development of multimedia technologies", directing branch to implement the project "Application of multimedia technology in the field of health, education and culture”, researching projects of fond Nafosted, researching projects of VNU such as Development machine translator Vietnamese – English, development of prototype of VNUpad... The number of published papers on prestigious Conference and Journal are increasing year by year. In the year of 2011, our researchers have published 25 papers and reports to the International Conferences, 6 ISI papers. In the 2012, we have 20 papers in International Conference and 4 ISI....(Cần bổ sung thêm thông tin bài báo để làm nổi bật sự lớn mạnh của ITI) All of them indicate that the ITI-VNU is dramatic growing up but indestructibility.




  1. KC-01-14 "Applications for research and development of multimedia technologies". This project was presided over Associate Professor, Doctor of Science NGUYEN CAT HO to research multimedia technology and specifies potential multimedia applications for education, culture and health areas. The main project results were virtual lab courses for biophysical chemistry at high school, support system for diagnosis of skin diseases, ceramics and traditional craft village’s websites. These results were putted on the market.
  2. KC-03-DA5 “Completing the design and fabrication technology for automatic fuel measuring device systems and software for managing storage of petroleum warehouse”. Presiding over by Associate Professor NGUYEN HUU XUY, the aim of this project is building a system for measuring, controlling and managing storage of petroleum warehouse No.190 (Petrolimex). Instead of buying foreign equipments, Petrolimex has save 35% cost by using this system.
  3.  “Digitization, approximation methodologies and application”. Presiding over Professor, Doctor of Science DINH DUNG, the results of this project were published in prestigious International Conference and Journal and image processing application, signal processing application may benefit from this project.




  1. “Design and implement VNU- E-Learning System". Presiding over Professor, Doctor of Science DINH DUNG, the goal of this project is building e-Learning system for VNU to improve and diversify learning and teaching methods, popularizing ICT for VNU and social.
  2.  “Database design for Geographic Information System for managing water resource”. This project was presided over Associate Professor, Doctor NGUYEN DINH HOA to design database of GIS system for effective storage and mining water resource data.
  3. “Research speech recognition technologies and machine translation to build English-Vietnamese direct translation system”. Presiding over Doctor NGUYEN AI VIET, the aim of this project to build English-Vietnamese direct translation system with most advanced Vietnamese as a spelling checker, machine translation, speech recognition, text-to-speech.
  4. “Develop IT training programs for computerization of state administration project”
  5. “Building Data Center for Can Tho City”


MAJOR CONSULTING PROJECTS                                                                  


  1. Consultancy contracts to develop infrastructure for information technology, Ha Tinh province (2002-2004), Hai Phong City People's Committee (2006-2008), Hanoi (2012).
  2. Consulting services project "Development of a multimedia portal Ha Long for Ha Long Bay Management Board (2009 - 2010).
  3. Consulting services project "ICT applications“in at the Ministry of Health: Drug Administration, Department of medical management (2010-2011).
  4. Consulting services project “Development e- Parliament Vietnam” (2012).


CONFERENCES IN ITI-VNU                                                                    


In recent years, ITI-VNU has organized many conferences and workshops on various topical themes in ICT with the convergence of many foreign delegates and over 200 delegates from the training centers and scientific research centers in Vietnam. Over 50 scientific reports were presented at these events to address challenges of Information Technology and Communications such as Applying ICT on health, culture, and education and training, Building E-Learning System, Nonlinear approximation techniques in signal and image recovery, Modeling E-parliament....




  1. Short training
  • Collaborate with Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) to organize 09 special training sessions for 767 learners with topics “Office automation and network for manager” in the series of training program named “In-Country Training”
  • Training for the officers of the National University of Laos with the theme "Development of technology and Internet applications."
  • Creating curriculum and training for national framework of the scheme 112CP.  ITI-VNU has organized 11 training for 545 learners in 2004.
  • Training ICT skills on-demand for State agency as Northern Airports Authority Vietnam, Vietnam University of Commerce, Hanoi Law University, Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology, Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics and Public Administration, Ministry of Fisheries Vietnam, Ministry of Justice Vietnam....
  1. Postgraduate training
    • Master of Information Systems Management: The goal of this training program is building a strong CIO community for Vietnam. 
    • Doctor of Computational Scientist.


DOMESTIC PARTNER                                                                              




INTERNATIONAL PARTNER                                                                           


  1. Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
  2. National University Of Laos


HUMAN RESOURCE                                                            


RESEARCH AREA                                                                                      


Our researchers focus on following topics:

  • Big Data and Cloud Computing
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Mathematical basis of IT
  • Computer science
  • Bio-Informatics
  • Databases and knowledge
  • Expert System
  • High Performance Computing
  • The Management Information System
  • Software Engineering
  • Multimedia Systems
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computer and Telecommunication Networks.
  • Information and Network Security



We have many years experience on:

  • Programming languages: C/C++, Object-C, Java, .Net, Python, R...
  • Operating System: Window, Mac, Android, Ubuntu,...
  • Database: MySQL, Cassandra, MongoDB,...
  • Cloud and BigData: OpenStack,Apache Hadoop, Apache Mahout, Apache Solr,... RESEARCHER LIST                                                                                   


Name of research direction for doctoral training


he title of the researcher, title and full name of the lead researcher


Number of students expected to receive



Research in information system architecture: system administration, e-learning, e-commerce, e-government,

Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Ai Viet




Research on algorithms in signal processing, research on marking and information discovery


Prof. Sc.D. Dinh Dzung




Database and data mining studies: multimedia databases, distributed databases, datawarehouses, database integration, data mining; Geographic Information System (GIS), large data processing;


Prof. Vu Duc Thi




Research on virtual reality simulation systems


Assoc. Prof. Do Toan Toan




Data mining, database, machine learning, large data warehouse

Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Ha Nam



Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Image Processing


Ph.D. Vu Viet Vu



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