The teaching staff at VNU – IS includes foreign lecturers who are highly qualified, have many academic and practical experiences.

Schoolyear 2018 – 2019 marked a successful year of VNU – IS with achievements in training and quality certification, science and technology, collaboration and development, students support, …. The ranking and prestige of VNU – IS gradually increased, which can be seen through the number of students enrolling in VNU – IS has passed 700, raising the training scale to 2000 students for the first time ever.

Families and students trust and select VNU – IS as the place to study because VNU – IS has international environment for generations of students who are confident and energetic. The international aspect is expressed through Vietnamese students and foreign students studying in English – speaking environment, working with lecturers from universities from overseas, engaging in new and foreign methods and granted graduation certificate from VNU or university partners.

The international aspect is expressed through an international education community that includes foreign lecturers.

The international aspect also presents in an international education community including foreign lecturers who are highly qualified, have many academic and practical experiences. The foreign teaching staff at VNU – IS, besides teaching and researching at VNU – IS, are scholars, professors, lecturers for prestigious universities around the world (for programs with certificate granted by VNU and English for university purposes program); senior lecturers from university partners (programs with certificate granted by partner universities). Another highlight that only VNU – IS has is the fact that the number of foreign lecturers is fairly large. All lecturers contributed to the achievements of VNU – IS in the previous schoolyear and now contribute to the sustainable and non – stop development of VNU – IS.

From the first step at VNU – IS, students have the chance to study English with foreign lecturers. Everyday in class, students will be taught in English, communicate and discuss with the lecturers in English. Therefore, the students are very confident in speaking English with foreigners. Students of VNU – IS do not hesitate to prove themselves because they understand that the lecturers will always be there to help them. The teaching staff of English for university purpose program are lecturers with years of teaching English in Vietnam and Asia. The lecturers come from language universities or prestigious teachers’ college around the world, with many experiences in education and especially understand foreign students’ psychology. The lecturers always find suitable teaching methods in order to encourage students to study in class. They also enthusiastically participate in activities that enhances students’ English ability such as spelling competition “Spelling Bee”, writing newspaper in English or writing letters to the Director of VNU – IS, … The most important things is that all foreign lecturers love VNU – IS and wish to work for a long time here.

Mr. Tragg Pinkham introduced English program for university purposes at Workshop “The program that I choose 2019”.

“The working environment at VNU – IS is very exciting. The students are excited with every lecture, which makes my job much easier. Other foreign lecturers like me receive lots of support from the staff and the board of directors of the department. I am very impressed with the environment at VNU – IS”, Mr. Tragg Pinkham, lecturer of English program, shared.

When the students start with their chosen programs, students from VNU – IS continue to have opportunities to study with lecturers from partner universities and with professors who are scholars from International Scholars Invitation program.

On average, in a year, VNU – IS welcomes about 30 lecturers from partner universities coming to teach and work at VNU – IS. The lecturers are senior lecturers at the universities; graduated from prestigious universities in the USA, the UK, France, Russia, Australia, Taiwan, …; have many years of experience in teaching joint programs between 2 universities. In addition, they are dedicated, enthusiastic and love the students. Students from VNU – IS all know Mrs. Lynn Lannon, lecturer from Keuka University, USA, who always supports students in every class activity, travels with the students to poor and remote areas of Vietnam to give presents or helmets to elementary students. In 2018, after 6 years of carrying out “Giving helmets to elementary students” project. 3.000 helmets had been given to students from Hanoi, Ha Nam, Hung Yen, …

High school students are impressed with a lecturer who participate in every students recruitment counseling. It’s Mr. Richard Pearl, lecturer from Keuka University. He is lovable, patient when talking to students and can sing many American songs wonderfully. Besides teaching, he takes part in many activities of VNU – IS, especially in students recruitment. Lecturers from partner universities have been great examples for students, because of their enthusiasm in teaching, dedicated to the students and their strict training to guarantee students’ success.

Prof. Lynn Lannon – who always supports students of VNU – IS in every class activity.

“Students from VNU – IS are having the opportunities to study with foreign lecturers who have high academic experiences. They are profound and can give the students best advices about how to prepare for the future. Use this to as an advantage”, Prof. Lynn Lannon shared.

Scholars from International Scholars Invitation program have contributed to the brand and prestige of VNU – IS. Scholars of the program are top specialists in economics, finance, information technology, business data analysis, … of top universities of the world. Some of them are, for example, Prof. Nguyen Duc Khuong (member of Economics counseling team, giving advice to Vietnam Prime Minister about issues of economic development, 7th member out of 200 young and outstanding economists of the world), Prof. Sabri Boubaker (lecturer of Champagne Management School of ESC Troye group), Assoc.Prof Tingting (Rachael) Chung (lecturer and course coordinator of Management Information System program and Data Analysis program at Chatham University, USA), PhD. Tom Denison (senior lecturer of Informatics program, Monash University, Australia), …

Students from VNU – IS are excited with lectures from Prof. Sabri Boubaker.

Every year, VNU – IS welcomes about 10 scholars coming to work and research. Other than teaching, the professors and top specialists are also speakers for meetings, workshops and write research with other lecturers to send to high ranking science magazines.

Studying with foreign lecturers is an advantage of students of VNU – IS.

“VNU – IS is one of the new leading training faculties in Southeast Asia. VNU – IS is being widely known nationally and internationally because of high quality education and research. The lectures and subject’s guidelines all follow international standards in order to enhance and develop effective academic methods focusing on students. VNU – IS has built an open and friendly environment with lecturers always supporting students in their studying. Students of VNU – IS, therefore, have opportunity to experience a special environment for growing and preparing for the future”, Prof. Sabri Boubaker shared.

The foreign teaching staff of VNU – IS participated in Christmas and New Year party 2019.

With almost 20 years of building and developing, VNU – IS is aiming to create an international environment. This is shown in many aspects: commitment to students, however, the most important commitment is having qualified foreign lecturers with diverse academic and practical experiences. Students of VNU – IS, thanks to studying with lecturers from around the world, will have the confidence to step into reality.

In 2018, VNU – IS welcomed many foreign lecturers coming to teach and research:

  • Number of foreign lecturers teaching English for university purposes programs: 07 people
  • Number of foreign lecturers teaching undergraduate and postgraduate programs: 33 people
  • Number of scholars in International Scholars Invitation program: 07 people


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