- Can Professor tell us what Data Science is and its important?

- Data Science is science of creating and using data. Data Science is based on 3 closely related components: Mathematics (mainly statistics), computer science – can be understand as Informatics that is mainly about computer – and the knowledge of fields of application. The combination of Mathematics and Informatics is something that is new in digital age. In Vietnam, in Informatics, Mathematics training is fairly scarce while in Mathematics, there is little training in calculation using computers. Data Science needs these two fields to analyze and handle large and complicated data sources. Methods and tools used in Data Science can be applied to all fields and the knowledge of application is necessary in order to use them effectively.

Data science has become important as data sources nowadays are increasing and considered vital to the development of human society.

GS. TSKH. Hồ Tú Bảo: Chúng ta đang bắt kịp với thế giới về đào tạo khoa học dữ liệu - 1

- Does Vietnam start Data Science training relatively later than the world does, Professor?

- Because Data Science programs around the world have only been opened for a few years; therefore, even though Vietnam just started, it is not too late. Most universities in the world start with Data Science Master program, then Bachelor program for it. One person who has already trained in business, medicine or informatics, if they add Data Science to their learning, they will become data – analyzed specialists in their fields, which is a new position that the society demands. 

In Vietnam, John von Neumann Institute of Vietnam National University HCM started training in Data Science in 2014. In 2018, Bachelor in Data Science of Informatics University – Ho Chi Minh and of Nature Science University – Vietnam National University Hanoi started. In 2019, a number of universities has launched their own Data Science program. 

- Can you share some more details about the Bachelor program in Data Science in Vietnam?

Data Science is a broad field so each university has its own training method. For example, Data Science program in engineering universities such as Informatics University – Vietnam National University HCM or University of Science and Technology focuses on methods and tools of Data Science. Meanwhile, in educational institutes such as VNU – IS, the training aim for training specialists in data analysis in economics or in business and knowledge to use the methods and tools of Data Science in those fields.

- Data Science program is receiving attention from the public. Please share with us some information about this program.

This is an important profession in the future, occupying a large part of personnel in Data Science field. In business, there are specific problems that need to be solved such as production management, marketing, sales, finances, customer relations, human resources, … using revenues, data analysis. Let me take an example: should a marketing department send too much advertisement to the customers, they will not like it. However, if we have data about the customers, analysis about their demand, their ability to afford goods and advertise what they need then the marketing will be efficient and reduce spam mails sending to the customers.

- Does that mean students in Data Science programs will have a lot of job prospects in the future?

I will say yes. Nowadays there is a lack of personnel in this field around the world. In recent years, many countries have announced strategy for artificial intelligent and considered it a key role in development. The core of AI is using data wisely and effectively. Who can acquire this information of this field and have the skills will have a good job position in the future. If the person can also use English well then the prospect is even higher.

Many thanks to Professor Ho Tu Bao!

Source: https://dantri.com.vn/giao-duc-khuyen-hoc/gs-tskh-ho-tu-bao-chung-ta-dang-bat-kip-voi-the-gioi-ve-dao-tao-khoa-hoc-du-lieu-20190719104434955.htm


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