Admission ยป VNU - International School launches a brand new site for international students

VNU - International School launches a brand new site for international students

VNU - International School officially launches a brand new website exclusively for international students. From now on, international students can easily access our admission information including: programs, application requirements, deadlines, scholarships, etc. within one click away. 

High-quality education

Vietnam National University, Hanoi (VNU) is the first modern university ever established in the country and one of the two national universities in Vietnam. First established as the University of Indochina in 1906, VNU has undergone various stages of development to become the largest comprehensive higher education and research centre in Vietnam. Every year, VNU produces more than 5,000 bachelors, 2,400 masters and 200 doctors graduating from over 110 undergraduate programs, 121 master programs and 112 doctor programs in natural sciences, technology, economics, social sciences and humanities, education and foreign studies, etc.

Established in July 2002, Vietnam National University, Hanoi - International School  (VNU-IS) is one of the first higher education institutions to offer joint international training programs. At VNU - IS, we aim to provide our students the most comprehensive educational as well as hands-on experience to widen their range of abilities and skills. Besides, VNU-IS offers students the opportunity to discover and prove themselves in the field of academic research, supported by expert supervisors who introduce them to the best methodology of approaching and developing in order to scientifically conduct the most diverse and engaging studies. 

Excellent support services for international students

VNU-IS always ensures that international students have the best possible learning experience. Available services offered to international students include visa application, accommodation arrangement as well as detailed guidance on how to adapt to a whole new environment. Moreover, psychological counseling services, career orientation, soft skills development, international exchange programs and a diversity of activities are waiting for you!

A wide range of extracurricular activities and a friendly environment

At VNU-IS, you can pursue your own personal interests, make lifelong friendships and enjoy the excitement of university life in such a fast-moving thousand year-old city where ancient and modern Vietnam meet. VNU-IS currently has 20 different student clubs so you can freely join the one that suits you most while English speaking environment here helps you feel at home.

Broad Career Prospects 

In order to support students to get ready for their future careers, VNU-IS offers diverse career support services including career orientation, consultation, soft skills training, internship and job opportunities. Annually,  VNU-IS hosts various field trip opportunities as well as large-scaled events such as Job Fair to foster a bridge connecting employers and employees. With a student centric approach, VNU-IS guarantees that students are well-equipped with essential knowledge and skills to pursue their dreams. 


For admission and program inquiries, please contact:

Ms. Dang Dieu Linh

International Admission Executive – Office of Student Affairs, VNU-IS

Hotline: +84 974140166


Address: Admission Office, Room 306, Building C, HACINCO Student Village, No.79 Nguy Nhu Kon Tum street, Thanh Xuan district, Hanoi, Vietnam.


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