Exchange Student»Requirement

I. Selection criteria

1. Selection criteria for students participating in cultural exchange programs

a. Students who meet the requirements and conditions of the exchange program (in accordance with agreements signed with partners) set by VNU/training unit for each program.

b. Students nominated by the partners for the exchange programs at VNU.

2. Selection criteria for credit exchange programs

a. The student must be nominated by the partner university to exchange at VNU.

b. The student has completed at least 2 semesters from the universities which VNU/training units have signed cooperation agreements with or are members of associations and projects that VNU/training units hold membership.

c. Achieve a GPA of 2.8/ 4.0 or higher (accumulated grade).

d. IELTS certificate of 5.5 or equivalent (in accordance with the language used in the exchange program). Foreign language certificates must be valid for 02 years from the date of certification to the date of application submission to VNU/training units.

- For international students who come from countries where the official language is the language used in exchange programs at VNU, no language requirement is applied.

- For international students participating in training programs in English or other foreign languages in exchange programs at VNU which is also their training language, no language requirement is applied but the partner university must have a confirmation letter stating that the student has enrolled in the program and is capable of studying in English or the corresponding language.

- For international students who come to exchange academic courses in the Vietnamese language at VNU but do not have Vietnamese language certificate, VNU shall assign the training unit to test their Vietnamese language proficiency and provide consultancy.

- For international students who come to Vietnam to study Vietnamese only, no language requirement is applied.

e. The validity of passports shall be in line with the duration of exchange programs and the current regulations of the government.

f. Be physically fit, have a study plan during the exchange period at VNU.

g. Commit to following regulations of VNU/ training unit and the law of Vietnam during the exchange period.

h. For exchange programs at the training unit level, the training units shall issue criteria consistent with the exchange program but not contrary to the criteria in Clause 2 of this Article. For cultural exchange programs, criteria are co-established by the partner and the training unit for each specific program.

3. For international students from universities which have not signed cooperation agreements with VNU/training units:

The training units shall consider and receive the exchange students in accordance with Clause 2.



II. Application requirements:

International students submit the online one set of the following documents in Vietnamese or English:

a. Academic transcript: A copy of the degree and academic transcript required for each training level, specifically:

- For undergraduate level: baccalaureate diploma or equivalent and transcript.

- For master's degree: undergraduate diploma and transcript.

b. Health certificate: issued by an authorized medical institution of the home country or a provincial or above level medical institution in Vietnam issued not later than 06 months before the date of application submission certifying that the health status of the international student is sufficient for study.

c. Language proficiency: A valid copy of proof of Vietnamese or foreign language proficiency corresponding to the language used in the training program in Vietnam (if any).

d. Financial documents: A copy of financial documents to ensure the study, research and stay in Vietnam.

f. Passport: A copy of the passport with the expiration date covering the entire duration of study in Vietnam or at least one year from the date of arrival in Vietnam.

g. Curriculum vitae: with a photo of the international student.