Exchange Student»How to Apply

1. Login

Students click into the link

There are 3 parts in main display:

- Part 1: Students click [Register now] to register the account the first time log-in and use the account to [Login] the system.

- Part 2: The display expresses the recruiting information at VNU member universities/schools.

- Part 3: The display express guideline or describe of training programs, students move a computer mouse to the program and click on.


2. Create an account and log in

2.1 Create account

Step 1: Click on [Register now] and fill in your information to the form

Note: Students insert correctly your email to receive a link to activate the account. After clicking the link sent to your email, your account may be active. Students use your Username and Password to login software.

Step 2: Click on [Protected Code] to complete the registration process. This code will protect student’s account. Then, click in [Register your information], the system will inform a message [you have registered successfully].

2.2 Active account via email

After creating successfully an account, students log-in to the registered email and click to the link to activate the account.

2.3 Log-in the software

Click into the register link ( with your new account.

2.4 Reset password:

In case of forgetting the password, students click [Reset your password]. Fill out your email into the display of [Reset password], a new password will be sent to student’s email.


3. Student site and registration page

3.1 Student site

After login, student will see the student site, this page includes 4 main parts:

- Part 1: Students can update their information on this page. Students can [Change password] or [Log out].

- Part 2: Students can click [Home] to see announcements relating to their application from VNU member university/school to know whether their application is fully completed or need to add some information.

- Part 3: Students can update their information by clicking to [Update information] upload student’s picture (compulsory) and other information (if have).

- Part 4: All programs will appear on this display and students can click in to [Apply to VNU’s Program] to select the program.

3.2 Update student’s information

Step 1: Click in [Update information]

Step 2: Students click in [Select picture] to insert a picture to the application form. Students can change the picture by clicking on [Delete picture] and select another one. The system will inform a message “Updated information successfully!”

3.3 Apply to program

Students click to [Apply to VNU’s Program] to apply for a program

This screen includes 2 parts:

- Part 1: Students select VNU member university/school and the preferable programs

- Part 2: The display appears program’s information, timeline and [Apply] function. Each kind of program (undergraduate and graduate program, exchange program and short-course program) has specific forms.


4. Exchange student application Form  

Students have to complete the registration form and attach the requirement document.

Students have 3 buttons at the end of the page:

- [Save]: Save the information, attach file any time. All files won't submit to the coordinator.

- [Save and submit]: After finishing the application form and submit, the coordinator can see the subscription content.

- [Print Application Form]: Students can print the form which you have finished.